Digital Sign Advertising

Do you want the benefits of a targeted Digital Ad Campaign, without having to spend time managing it? Our structure of digital media advertising is available for you.

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Businesses of all sizes now use BMJ Marketing Group to help them develop brand awareness, and to develop customer loyalty. Let us help you reach your target audience, keep them coming back and increase your bottom line.

Be A Part of the Digital Revolution

Digital advertising with video and pictures is a unique and exciting way to convey your message to your customers.

Engage Your Target Audience

Customer Experience

In store advertising networks can display a variety of positive customer experiences. They inform customers of sales, new inventory, and time-sensitive special offers.

It is a powerful tool for educating consumers.  Delivering added value to any facility can take some of the sting away from wait time while offering meaningful information that is useful and entertaining.

Advertising in store and in waiting rooms with flat screen Digital Displays can make the customer experience more personal. Digital signage captures the customer’s attention much longer than conventional print media.

However, when paired together, the two media can be engaging fun and extremely effective. A potential customer can learn a great deal more about the products and services your organization offers, keeping them well informed, engaged and emotionally connected while in a purchasing frame of mind.

Marketing Material

Combining both services is a great way to engage the mind while providing your information for the consumer in a way that makes sense. Having your marketing material in the location of flat screen advertising allows the consumer to leave with your company information in their hands. This is a powerful tool,which increases the chance of the consumers utilizing your company for their immediate or future needs.


Why is Marketing Distribution important? Some of the most effective advertising a company can get is high traffic and repeat exposure.

It is vital to get your marketing material into as many hands as possible. That is where BMJ Marketing Group will help. We will place your Marketing materials in several high traffic business locations and maintain levels of your marketing materials to make sure your business stays in front of the customer.

This will give you the edge in your industry. The more people that see your marketing material and business name, the more likely they are to use your products and services.

Who needs Digital Signage?

 In store advertising, restaurant advertising, waiting room advertising, hotel lobby advertising all adds value to your customer’s experience.

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